Do what you have always thought of doing

It is said that opportunity comes dancing with those who are already on the dance floor. Many are the times we are faced with a myriad of choices in the ocean of opportunities. We are who we are today, as a result of our choices in life; not as a result of witchcraft or any other chemistry!

We plan of a better tomorrow, but we never work towards this better plan. We can make this planet a better place if we started working towards our goals today.There is always a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.

It is unfortunate that the society today does not take failure lightly. To many, failure is a disgrace and any individual who fails to hit it is condemned to death. When we fail in life, sometimes we tend to forge many excuses accounting for our failure, not understanding that success is as a result of a series of failures. We can triumph by learning from past failures.

A friend just  shared with me the past life; and I realized that success in life only comes in pain. Some people feel motivated when praised by men, or when they always get it right. Criticisms destruct many from the path to success. Any failure to hit the target makes them even contemplate suicide.

The secret to greatness and success is doing what you have always thought of, without enthusiasm.  Procrastination can be an opportunities’ assassin. With clear goals and a vision in life, one can be a millionaire.

Start small by embracing your dream!

Environmental conservation is a joint effort

Environmental degradation is an alarming trend. Everyone is worried about the current  situation. Humanity is meant to conserve and preserve mother nature. But how many times do we engage in poaching activities, or trade in wildlife products? Sometimes we forget about the environment and litter everywhere. Ironically, killing of innocent wild animals is not a big deal to many. Sometimes we develop hatred when we see baboons or monkeys because of their complexion; then contemplate exterminating them.


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With the growing human population, there has been a human-wildlife competition. It is true that most natural resources are getting diminished; as compared to the current human population. I think we can device a better way of dealing with the current crisis. The initial step of combating human-wildlife crime is embracing wildlife. Developing a liking for wildlife and the environment will enable us appreciate its aesthetic nature, and the goodness of having them.

Exterminating wildlife can never be a problem. In fact, wildlife is a better source of income to those who hold a treasure for them. Many people have been employed and countries earn a lot of revenue from tourism related activities. Conservation agencies that employ thousands can’t be run if there were no wild animals.

An environmental clean-up exercise

Encroachment on river beds and deforestation has been a grief problem. The results of deforestation are more devastating. With destruction of forests, for instance through charcoal burning among other human activities, we threaten the existence of wildlife.

These animals risks extinction, as in the case of dinosaurs if we can’t take good care of them. We can embark on creating conservation awareness in local communities, since illiteracy has been a great barrier to environmental conservation efforts. Some people lack knowledge on the importance of wildlife.

MaraAugust08 083
The beauty of Masai Mara Game Reserve- wildebeests at the game reserve

Conservation efforts should be everyone’s responsibility, not for governments or states. Let us all take responsibility to save mother nature from further destruction!

Sign language is good for all

It common dilemma in some public and private offices, and it is shocking that when confronted with a person with hearing impairment there emerges total communication breakdown.
A qualified person can be ‘silently’ denied promotion just because of being deaf and society socialization.
I once encountered a client during my counseling endeavor, who was deaf and had been defiled; but I was unable to interpret what she explained to me at fast. It took me time to understand what she had gone through. This motivated me to undergo a training in sign language.
Sometimes, the deaf end up ignored, receive poor quality services or deprived of their rights.
The education sector and other stakeholders should consider incorporating sign language in curriculum by making it compulsory to all school-goers and every leaner at their various levels.
We need to protect the cultural and linguistic identity of the deaf in the society. Cases of discrimination against the deaf have been reported and it is high time we treated humanity as equals.
Our children, who are future bosses should be able to face a more diverse workplace culture in future. We should create for them a more conducive environment now to deal with such issues in future.

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