Sign language is good for all

It common dilemma in some public and private offices, and it is shocking that when confronted with a person with hearing impairment there emerges total communication breakdown.
A qualified person can be ‘silently’ denied promotion just because of being deaf and society socialization.
I once encountered a client during my counseling endeavor, who was deaf and had been defiled; but I was unable to interpret what she explained to me at fast. It took me time to understand what she had gone through. This motivated me to undergo a training in sign language.
Sometimes, the deaf end up ignored, receive poor quality services or deprived of their rights.
The education sector and other stakeholders should consider incorporating sign language in curriculum by making it compulsory to all school-goers and every leaner at their various levels.
We need to protect the cultural and linguistic identity of the deaf in the society. Cases of discrimination against the deaf have been reported and it is high time we treated humanity as equals.
Our children, who are future bosses should be able to face a more diverse workplace culture in future. We should create for them a more conducive environment now to deal with such issues in future.

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